Belatedly Yours

As you have probably noticed, I have not updated as promised.  (And as someone cleverly suggested, the subtitle of my blog should be changed to Nulla Month Sine Linea.)

Going back to where I left off in my previous post, the rest of my week at the UN was incredibly busy and I ultimately chose sleep over blogging.  That sounds like laziness until I tell you that during that incredibly busy week I got at most six hours of sleep a night (which is not enough).  By the end of each day my ability to write clearly and coherently was suffering anyway.  Thus, I fell behind.

When I returned from New York I had a week in Boston to catch up on everything I’d missed for school and work (and sleep) before heading off to Washington D.C. for the CARE National Conference.  I arrived back in Boston this morning and though spring break would be a perfect time to catch up, I’m off to Detroit on Sunday for a week-long service trip with 15 undergraduate students.  (Yes, I’ve been called “jet-setter” quite a few times this week.)

I know part of the appeal of reading a blog is the fact that it’s timely, and I apologize for failing in this regard, but I hope you will check back at the end of March when I will have a chance to post my accumulating notes and reflections.

In the meantime, for quick updates (140 characters or less), follow me on Twitter: @m_pomerleau


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